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    from blue point, (LI) ny. now in bronx.

    Question wetsuit: HYPERFLEX VS. others (need advice)

    my friends been looking for a new winter suit. he's wants the best for the least. i tell him how sick my 5/4 infinity drylock is but he doesnt want to spend that much. he found a "Hyperflex Wetsuits Amp Aerodome 5/4/3mm Hooded Fullsuit" for $160. sick price for a 5/4/3. as far as i know, hyperflex are diving suits, so despite the name hyperFLEX, im curious how flexible they actually are.

    does anyone know how mobile/flexible/warm hyperflex wetsuits really are?

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    to be honest, i dont think hyperflex came up with that name to promote the flexibility of their suits. I actually use a 5/4/3 AMP as my winter suit and I love it. Honeycomb lining all around the torso and inside the hood makes it very warm. If you get the right size, movement won't be restricted at all especially in your arms and legs for paddling and such, otherwise you might be in trouble. For that retail price, it really is the best suit out there

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    I felt no difference between my Amp and my Billabong Solution Gold 5/4/3
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    I wear a Hyperflex 6/5/4 winter suit and love it. I do not find it restricts me in any way and it keeps me nice in warm for hours in water as cold as 37 degree and air in the mid to high 20s.

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    Steep and, a sister site of Whiskey Militia, was unloading Amp 5/4's and 6/4's all summer long. The 5/4's were priced at $99 plus shipping. I decided that for $99, what the heck, my Xcel Inifiniti 5/4 was starting to show some age.

    Anyway, when I get it, it looks fine, but the first thing I noticed was the smell. Like neoprene - but not quite. There was definitely an extra chemical odor to it. I look closer - made in China. Most wetsuit brands are from Thailand. I don't know if Thailand has better labor policies than China, or better environmental policies, but somehow the chemical smell and China tag seemed to go together.

    Then I tried to try it on. I ordered a M, as that's the size I've worn for over a decade. And at 5'9", 150 pounds, I was theoretically on the small end of a Hyperflex medium. I own nothing but chest zips, Rip Curls and Xcels, and immediately could tell that the neoprene on the opening of the suit wasn't all that stretchy. And as I put my legs in - with a Wawa bag over my feet - it was so tight that the plastic bag got caught and ripped. I finally wriggled the thing up to my torso, and couldn't get my arms in. As in, I couldn't stretch the suit enough to even slide a single arm into the sleeve. I've owned chest zips suits since 1998, and even in the early days I'd never experienced anything like it.

    So...I know a lot of guys have had great success with Hyperflex and like them a lot (that's why I tried one). And I'm not doubting the guys who've posted here. But there must have been a reason that hundreds of Amp's from last season made it onto the liquidator web sites. Either the sizing was off, the neoprene wasn't right, or something. Because even at $99, it was no bargain. I sent it back.

    If your friend is getting this suit off the Clean Snipe site, I would say beware (it's part of Steep and Cheap). Sometimes you are getting what you pay for. For a winter suit, get it right. Got to a shop and get one that fits properly.
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  6. go for it. my 6/5/4 is Heaven.

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    hyperflex flow 6/5/4, works great can surf all winter - ny.

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    Last season (2010/2011) I asked for 5/4 suit input, got a lot of response, ended up with Hyperflex 5/4/3. My short review ( as some of you had asked for): I'm 5'10" Now 165-170 (weighed 177 when I bought it). I needed a large, yes something was up with their sizing because I have a 3/2 Medium from previous year that fits perfect, even my shop guy noticed the size issue when I tried to get into a medium last year, wasn't happening.
    The suit is very warm, no flushing, very flexible. I had two issues, one the draw cords are very light and too flexible, two my left leg ripped at the opening (possibly from me being too rough, maybe a defect) sent it back for warranty one week ago...... today a received a Brand New 2011/2012 5/4/3 replacement!!!!!!! Totally expecting a repair and would have been happy with that. I think thats great customer service.
    Yes there may be some notable differences with high end suits but it your watching $$$ and need a good 5/4 now Hyperflex works and works well.

    Definitely buy through a shop unless you're certain with your size. The second very good reason to buy through a shop is if you do have a problem you're more likely to have better results getting the issue resolved.

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    I highly recommend a FLOW or AMP series suit. Can't go wrong. Just make sure it fits you appropriately. Check out the vendor's return policy before you are committed.

    I would not necessarily recommend booties or gloves made by HF though. Mine leak excessively. Xcel makes the best if you ask me.

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    i have a 4/3 hyper flex amp sick suit and for a great price would not spend the extra money for a better name brand when this does the job