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    Then I tried to try it on. I ordered a M, as that's the size I've worn for over a decade. And at 5'9\", 150 pounds, I was theoretically on the small end of a Hyperflex medium. I own nothing but chest zips, Rip Curls and Xcels, and immediately could tell that the neoprene on the opening of the suit wasn't all that stretchy. And as I put my legs in - with a Wawa bag over my feet - it was so tight that the plastic bag got caught and ripped. I finally wriggled the thing up to my torso, and couldn't get my arms in. As in, I couldn't stretch the suit enough to even slide a single arm into the sleeve. I've owned chest zips suits since 1998, and even in the early days I'd never experienced anything like it.
    I bought one and I had the same problem, but once you get in and out of it a few times its fine.The only thing is I've had the suit only for a couple weeks and the glued seems are starting to crack. I mean its definitly not the best suit out there but if your looking for something cheep and warm to get you through the winter its fine. Considering how cheep the wet suit is its great.
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