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Thread: wetsuit repair

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    I've picked up a few different wetsuit/neoprene cement products. If you need names I can see what they are. Not very expensive and can be found easily at some shops and on Amazon.

    I second the last post about avoiding chemicals that aren't guaranteed to not hurt your skin. Do you want your boys getting rashed just from using the wrong wetty product?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    Get the wetsuit cement- its like rubber cement. if its a clean cut this will work great. I have used it numerous times without having to re-apply.
    ^+1 I used a neoprene cement as suggested by walkingonh2o. I used a product by "block surf" available from my local surf shop and it has held up fine. It works like contact cement. Put it on both sides. Let it cure for ~5 minutes, then press together. Read the instructions, as your product may differ.
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