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    ocean city maryland - obviously
    nashville - they have nice water park

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    I would go to Barbados
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Joyner View Post
    I was married in Barbados and stayed there for 3 weeks. Tons to do for both of you and they have waves over 300 days a year.
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    I'd go with Barbados...
    thanks guys. you might get a PM full of questions later this week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by windswellsucks View Post
    thanks guys. you might get a PM full of questions later this week...
    Ask away, I have surfed the island on every known named wave from north to south and and east to west and a handful of local only known spots. I think I have spent a total of 7 or 8 weeks there and met plenty of locals which are all great people.

    I was married on the beach at Batts Rock, great wave there, a-frame over reef. This was Soup Bowl on the day I was married...

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    +1 for Barbados. Honeymooned there last year.. The Today Show did a little story about it today:

    We stayed at Little Arches, which they talk about there.

    Also, Batt's Rock is really awesome:

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    We consider PR, Barbados etc like mentioned above. We also looked at Costa Rica. Also south of France...

    There are many factors to look at. First of all, I got married Late august.... Last year. So that time of year is hurricane season in the Caribbean. All of those islands were eliminated from June-November.... Costa Rica was also removed based on it being the Rainy season down there.... Europe was eliminated because we thought that Europe would be more like a school trip or an education experience, which is nice, but NOT what you want to do on your honeymoon....

    Long story short... We chose Hawaii. West Maui specifically. We had the best chance of perfect weather, and it was PERFECT. 12 days of perfect weather. One night it misted for like an hour.

    On any Hawaiian island, you have SAFETY. its the U.S. I felt confident paddling out on remote black sand beaches while the wife sat safely on the beach.... Many of the other places, even areas of PR are sketchy... not good for the honeymoon...

    And another very solid point is this: If your wife is cool enough to ALLOW you to honeymoon at a surf destination, you DEFINATELY should show her respect and NOT "paddle out all day while she is on the beach"... Your whole life will be about surfing in one way or the other, so plan day trips whereever you go that involve a SICK end result for your wife. Waterfalls, Jungle hiking, but on the way, stop off afer breakfast a break you want to hit up.... Relax also man. Grab a Mai Tai and sit by the pool with your wife. Snorkle all over a hawaiian island with your wife, since it sounds like she doesnt surf....

    I was there for 12 days... surfed only 3 of them. Mostly because all of Hawaii was pretty flat when I was there. Got the north shore good one day and go the west side decent twice... It was a lake on all sides otherwise, which helped me not worry about surfing... In Hana, I went out into the windward side... There is always some side there from the tradewinds, but conditions are always busted....

    Anyway, I vote Hawaii. Because although people tout that it has solid swell all the time, it simple doesnt... It gets good there a lot, but depending on where you are staying on a certain side of an island, you may have to drive hours to the opposite side to even get surf... point being, you will have plenty of time to hang out and NOT surf on the islands, unless you are there on the North Shore in mid winter....

    HI is my vote for you, cause your wife will enjoy it more... probably. I dont know you two, but believe it or not, wives dont like standing on the beach, taking photos and videos of you, although im sure they say they are... My wife did it for years. Come to find out, its boring!

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    Went to Keywest for the Honeymoon (Won a trip so that was a no brainer) but went to Barbados twice with a group and then again just the wife and I later on. I would say Barbados as well. Love that place! My boss and his wife honeymooned there, just had their 25 year anniversary and went back there and while they were there, found some property that they liked and are trying to figure out how to retire there. I am planning a trip back sometime soon myself. Just have to iron out the details.