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    Best surf and weather in Washington?

    Work may move me to Washington, which will be a huge change from Hawaii (where I'm from) and a big change from North Carolina (where I'm living now). If you were to choose the best spot for reasonable surf and nice weather in Washington, where would it be? I've got a buddy that lives in Sequim and he swears they've got both (surf and good weather that is), is he telling me the truth or yanking my chain? Just how thick a suit will I need? What are the ocean temps during the Summer and Winter? Big mahalo...

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    Sequim lies within the Olympic rain shadow.
    See below link:

    It is not that close to surf, but much closer than say Seattle. Port Angeles is even closer, and you can take the Victoria ferry across to Vancouver Island. If you want right points, surf Vancouver Island. If you want left points, surf the WA coastline. There are numerous nooks and crannies within "The Straits" to surf. During the Winter, the water is much warmer than OBX during the same time. All you'll need is a 4/3/b/g. Surf is good and consistent.

    Good luck!