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    al merrick proton

    i want to buy a al merrick proton but i don`t know how long... i am about 5`10 long.... do anyone know which lenght would be good for me?

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    Aug 2011
    What's your weight? In most cases your height has nothing to do with the equation...

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    This is a pockety, top to bottom board with continuous rocker.

    Q: What was your last board, dimensions, and what type of surf are you on? What is your goal within surfing? Do you have a 5mil suit for winter? Have you surfed a board that is similar to proton before?

    I am 190 lbs. I am 6'. I like the 'proton' everyday @ 6' X 18 5/8's X 2 3/4's. My step up for Delmarva is a 6'3" with slightly more beef. My style is heavey legged and I surf hollow shorebreak. I try to pop airs, but a big turn/snap is more my style. This board is narrow compared to the common trends of the day. I like narrow boards, but that is because my focus is in shorebreak. I actually took the dimensions of a proton and found a WRV Chronic ( that was very close in dimension.

    I am going to work with WRV and try to get some more boards dialed in based off of the proton. I LOVE CI boards, but I can get 5 boards from WRV for the price of 3 from CI and I can pick them up in person being semi-local.