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Lost makes the Round Nose Fish right? and here's the link to the shaper if I win it. He's based in
Huntington Beach, CA.

Yeah ...lost makes the Round Nose Fish, but many other shapers have a ROund Nose Fish, which is a high Performance fish. My shaper has one (he actually does alot of ...lost round nose fish as a ghost shaper) but the high performcase fish is one of the best all around shapes for our spot here in VB . YOu have the low entry rocker and a wider nose to get into waves early , and due to this you can ride the boards shorter than a typical shortboard which fits in the pocket of our smaller surf better and its more manuevarble because of the shortened rail length, but they carry enough foam to still float well in the small stuff. The single to double concave also creates a ton of drive which helps when the waves are small