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Thread: Aurora Borealis

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    Aurora Borealis

    Did anyone in the Northeast (or Northwest) manage to see the Northern Lights this weekend? Apparently Shredmachine did a Camden cutback and some of the spray left the atmosphere and made its way to the sun, causing a coronal mass ejection.

    I went to Pennsylvania, as it was my only ticket out of the city, but I got skunked- wasn't in a good place to see it anyway. All the New Englanders and Canucks might have scored. Let's hear it boys.

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    I tried to see the northerner borealises on Friday. No dice. My crib is at a S-SE facing point with buildings blocking the view to the north so I went on an expedition to a north facing point. Was up pretty high and in a real dark area. The light and position of the moon was pretty strong and ENE so that wasn't conducive to seeing the auroruses, but I'm pretty sure they weren't visible to us anyway. I did get an unreal view of the moon and ocean and entire coastal New England skyline so it was worth the trip.

    Saw some pics from Maine that looked like the borealises typically seen in Canada. Gnarly. I read that DSLR cams pick up the lights better than our eyes.

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    No dice here either. But many years back, in hs, I did see it very briefly in CT...nothing like the pics you see from the true north, more like multi-colored lightning flashes, but cool needless I say more...

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