Got some good ones last week and it felt good. Isn't it great when all the factors line up? To get a good swell, wind, tide, good weather and free time during the week with some daylight is a real gift for me this time of year.

There is however something I need to vent about. I hate that i'm still worked up about it but i am. i even posting a thread about it. something i have never done before.

so here goes

I got run over by a guy in a kayak. he caught a wave made a turn, didn't make the section, just lost total control of his vehicle and plowed right into me as i was paddling back out. Now I'm not one to get confrontational, I even paddled away to count to ten, but I just couldn't let that one go. I'm not against any type of surf craft but when one can't control their equipment then they are dangerous and shouldn't use it around others. there was a bunch of other guys on surfboards, long and short, and none of us ran into each other or the guy on the boat. If it wasn't me who got hit I might have been more passive in my argument for him to go elsewhere. As I was the victim, my verbal assault lasted a good 15 minutes was razor sharp and cut to the bone. i was really pissed. what is funny is that I have a friend who got hit once and i remenber how pissed he got and his verbal assault on the guy who did it and how funny i thought it was at the time.

so I've been surfing for 20+ years ( really!) and haven't seen many of these kayaks in the water around other surfers but almost everytime there was one there was a collision and a confrontation about it.

Has anyone else had something like this happen? Do you think it's the vehicle or guy driving it? I can't see how you can control a thing like that when it gets hit broadside by a wave. It's too big and bouyant. judging by his " oh no not again look" just before impact this is a recurring incident.

Could have been worse. I wasn't really hurt as much as shook up and my board didn't ding. All it cost me was the waves I missed during my rant. and all the work I should have done while I made this rant.
Thanks for reading,