Do you rinse your suit out after every use?

Does salt water really eat the glue on the seams?

Or is smell the only reason we rinse out frequently?

I rinse my suits thouroughly in the shower every time, but I'm starting to feel like this is overkill. My older suits which have been rarely rinsed are pretty much equal in integrity to my older suits which have been cleaned religiously. The odors are certainly different, but I dont see any cracking, splitting, or stiffness anymore than the others do.

Its a pain in the ass. I want to be like the inlanders who towel change and throw the suit in the trunk for a couple days. I am tired of dripping water throughout my house to bring my suit outside to dry. Tired of getting sand everywhere.

Such a kooky rant, but I need to know what the rest of you think.