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    Talking Christian Surfers meetings

    Hey everyone! Just letting you guys know that there are Christian Surfer meetings every Monday night @ 7 at the Salt Pond club house in Ocean View, DE. It's seriously a good time and you get to meet some really cool people. Some nights there is a surf movie, others w guest speakers, surf sessions, and always a bible study and music! Not to mention good FREE food! Come on out if you wanna check it out. Everyone is real chill and friendly. If you have questions you can IM/e-mail me @


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    Melanie, Melanie, Melanie....what were you thinking?!?

    This is The Lion's Den & you just flounced onto centre stage, sweet pea. Really hoping that you're not an emissary of wayne the insaaaaaane

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    Just curious, is this The Return of The Whalerus??