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    Board Swap Wilmington NC

    I think it would be fun to do a board swap in the fall and spring each year. I know there is one in NJ and MD that draw a lot of people.

    Maybe one of the local surf shops would sponsor/ host it and offer some specials. If we had enough people maybe we could get a band and turn it into an all day event or have some sort of surfcompetition in the afternoon on boards that people scored.

    Would anyone be interested? I'm new in Wilmington - is there already a board swap im not aware of?

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    Surf House in CB hosted one last spring and I sold a board at the event.
    The event would draw more attention in WB as apposed to CB due to the sheer volume of surfers in WB and Wilmington.
    I love checkin out other peoples boards and would love to get rid of some boards as well. Email someone at and see what can happen!

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    Yeah Tony Butler on Wblivesurf would be the one to talk to about this.