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    anybody going on some trips soon?

    just curious if anyone has any surf trips planned, either nearby or far away? post up so i have something to read at thanksgiving dinner

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    Just got back from Mexico, Puerto Vallarta.... I always have a good time down there. Uncrowded points and reefs. Great nightlife, and chill locals. I want to start planning the next trip. Maybe Nicaragua, somewhere unspoiled. How bout you windswellsucks, are you heading back to Hawaii this year???

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    Hoping to go to Nicaragua in April for my 30th B-day. It would be my first trip outside the U.S. Unless you count Hawaii.

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    Taking a trip to Costa in January. Never been there before so you can imagine how stoked I am to get down there. Winter trips to tropical climates are always the best. Happy thanksgiving SI community!

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    looking to hook up with some surf trippers to split expenses! been doing some solo traveling and it get pricey just getting to the airport and excess bag fees are a big chunk of change would be good to split the parking and rent a cars even share my coffin bag... just throwing it out there is any solo trippers need a partner or if anyone needs an extra for a group trip to fill a boat trip??

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    heading to the airport now! will try and take some pics

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    I missed you guys. Really. I tried to be stubborn and not post but whatever. I just got back from 12 days in puerto rico, most of which was spent in Rincon. It definitely helped me find my stoke again. Such an amazing place. When I first showed up I spotted a few guys riding absolute monsters in side shore conditions at tres palmas. I went around to Antonio's and Pool's to find DOH glass. That gradually faded from oh sh*t to really rippable over the next 4 days. It went flat for a day, then a new pulse. I surfed 3 times a day. Some spots were crowded but there were some real gems out there too. Watch out for the rocks!

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    Sounds like were gonna all have some fun soon (or already have)! Going to Puerto Rico right after Christmas for a week, coming back here for a two weeks to work a little, going back to PR for 10 days, then I'm meeting my buddy in Costa Rica (with my one way ticket) and staying for 6 weeks. Can't wait!!!!

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    soooooo glad to hear PR is getting some swell. I will be there for the fifth time this december, 17th-28th. Last year we got snowed in since Newark got bombed with snow so we ended up being there with 10ft swell for 14 days. Ahhhhhhh!!!! It was amazing, hoping for some of the same. Ill post some pics of this trip after I get back. Heres from last year...its my flickr account

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    no trips any time soon. Going to drive up the CA coast for a wedding in SF in the spring. But with the new baby going on 5 months old, the only trips I will be taking are to the end of my street for a quick surf... My last hoorah was Maui last fall. I dont plan on flying anywhere for a while. Hopefully I can get a family surf trip planned in a year or 2. But I spent a decade doing it up constantly on the road and flying around for surf... Im on hold for a while... So I shall live vicariously through the rest of you. Godspeed and groundswell my friends! Stay thirsty!