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    Another Wetsuit Questions?

    I am thinking about getting a new suit for christmas and surf mostly in ocean city maryland. I've had a 5/4 cypher from Quiksilver and that did well but it seemed like too much rubber and pretty hot at some times. Do you think I could get away with using a 4/3 with built in hood instead for most of the winter?

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    I surf mostly in OCMD and i wish i had bought the xcel 4/3 hooded drylock instead of the 5/4 drylock. The xcel 5/4 is more suit than i need for OCMD winters.

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    BUy a Oneil Mutant 4/3, good rubber nicely sealed and you have a hood when you need it then zip pit off and have a regular neck 4/3, its a super functional suit for the Delmarva, I use it in VB from 58* water to 40* water

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    I agree, I have a 5/4 drylock and I broiled in it in 40 degree water. A 4/3 with a good glove and bootie combination will probably be best for OCMD.