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Thread: lost sub driver

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    lost sub driver

    looking for a 5'7 or 5'8 lost sub driver surfboard. if anyone has one for sale or who knows anyone selling i'm looking to buy.

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    I have a 5'8 subdriver for sale

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    really? where are you located?

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    I'd like to know too.

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    i sent you a message. i want to buy it so get back to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurleySurf39 View Post
    really? where are you located?
    well you lucked out. what are the odds of that... be safe. meet at a public place with Mr. First Post Ever...

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    Board is located in Margate, NJ

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    I made an account to reply to this post. You can look on south jersey craigslist the board has been up for a couple a days.

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    My wife and I are away on business over seas, but my ma-maw can send you a money order for 100 dollars over the asking price of the item for your inconvenience.

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    Still have this board?