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    I can’t believe that they slapped you with a misdemeanor; I could see a summary offense? Do they have an ARD program? I would also consider writing an editorial for the local paper. Surfing is part of the USA coastal cultural. Placing a black mark on a young person’s record for something like this is way too much government interference with freedom. Local governments can often be the worst!

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    Sorry to bust your bubble but I respect the law. If I was being a douche then they have the right to take me away in handcuffs. At the means of high tide thru the water is federal property not city. To make it easier for you to understand from the high tide to the dunes the city owns. Therefore your trespassing theory is wrong
    read the rules and regs at that website. it sounds like you were in a no surfing zone and therefor trespassing.

    either you are full of it about getting a misdemeanor or you literally have no common sense/lawyer.

    go down to sweetwater and cry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkline View Post
    So on November 3, 2011 I was surfing the northside of Johnny Mercers Peir of Wrightsville Beach, NC when i got the blue lights and the wave in by the fine WBPD. So me and another fellow surfer walked up to the officer and and he brought out his citation book and began to write us a ticket. I told the officer that ive never even had a warning. BTY we were within a 100 ft from the red pole , we will say 400 ft from the peir and there was nobody on the beach or on the peir. The officer told us that we have to go to court to pay this ticket cause there is no other way to keep track of this fine. Now on my court date, i went to court and was saw by the judge. pleaded my case and the judge told me that i will have to talk to the assistant DA. The DA didnt talk to me just called me up to the bench and handed me my judgement: 6 months unsupervised probatation, 6 hrs community service and $380 in fines. with a misdemeaner on my record. needless to say i got it continued. Seriously a record for surfing. Ive saved people that got sucked out in rip currents several times over the many years of surfing. I am just floored that surfing can be a class 3 misdemeaner.
    Did you mug someone while you were in the lineup? 6 months probations for surfing beside a pier? The cop must either be a fisherman or you were out at his spot while he had duty and was angry at the fact. I could see that happening. Sad.