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Thread: Winter board?

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    Winter board?

    I live in NJ and just got 5/5 wetsuit for the winter and feel little heavy on my 6'4 Channel Isl./ whip. I saw a nice 6'10 but was told that'd be too big. I just got back into it and am okay surfer, weigh about 190lb and stand close to 6ft. I realize there is more to it then length but wanted to see what you others do/think. I rode a thicker 6'4 other day and saw significant paddle difference. Is 6'10 too big? Will it be harder to duck dive? I started long boarding this summer and love the paddle out/ wave catching ease but still like short boards and don't like long boarding on bigger days. Loving life again thanks to surf. Thanks.

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    Alot of it has to do with "volume" A 6'6 narrow pintail will have alot less "volume" thus less paddle power than say a 6'2"fish with a big squash tail and wide nose. I'd say aim for a thicker board and dont go to much bigger than 6'6 or 6'8 or you start losing manuerverability. Check the current boards dimensions and try an add an inch in width and 1/4 in thickness and you wont even need to touch the length.

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    don't worry bout it, with 5/5 you'll swweat off the lbs and everything will be fine.

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    I shape boards for the RANDAZZO INDUSTRIES label & WEST Surboards, if you are looking for a replacement for your WHIP, i would suggest our BIG JOE model not sure how tall you are but I weight a similar weight, so look 4 something in the : 6'2" to 6'6" x 19.75 to 20.75 x 2.63 to 2.75. the thing is with the 5mm paddling is tough as hell so you want width volume for stability. You can find this board at: 7St Surf Shop, Eastern Lines, UNSOUND, and KONA Surf Shops. Or Contact me Direct and we can Build you a Custom Board.

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    The Whip looks to me to be really round through the middle, but I've never measured one. If it's already wide, I wouldn't add too much more width - I think an inch is too much. If you go to 6'6 and add some thickness through the middle it will give you the added volume you're looking for... but you still have to paddle hard... it's still a shortboard. I'm 190 and I ride a 6'6 x 2 9/16, but not in surf that's under chest high.

    Your other option, if you're going custom, is to talk rocker and nose width with your shaper, which is second to volume in paddling effect.
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    get a fish or a longboard if your concerned about paddling dont fall for a gimmicky board shape.

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    bump up an 1/8 on the width and itll cover the couple of extra pounds... 1/4 if you just want to make it easy... i love the gimmicky shapes.. its good to change things up

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    You might try a CI Flyer that is a little bigger. I ride a 6'6" X 20" X 2.75 and have a very good time on it - and no problems duck diving it. I am only 5'7" and 145.

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    Don't listen to what other people tell you about it being too big or too small or too anything. In actuality, most dudes on shorter boards are smaller than us and the ones that are of the same build or bigger that are riding shorter boards are extremely fit. So don't think that you have to have a tiny ass board or you wont have any mobility. I'm 5'11 185lbs and I find anything under a 6'6" to hinder my ability to catch waves when I'm not at my optimum fitness levels. Its all relative. Would you like to be able to catch more waves, or be more mobile when you do catch them. For six years I only rode 8' boards and when I came down to a 7'2" it felt like a 6'4". My current 6'4" is epoxy so it has more float to it and even with the extra mobility given from the epoxy, sometimes its still hard for me to get into faster waves with its shorter length relative to my personal fitness and what the ocean is doing.

    In short, with your size and weight, you can make a bigger board move in ways that someone who is 145 lbs or even 175 lbs simply cannot. Go for the board if it feels right for you.

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    It's all about the volume. Some shapers are starting to identify the volume on board specs.