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Thread: Winter board?

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    I agree with Rockyn. Im 6'2", 195 to 210lbs throughtout the year. I ride an 8ft, shaped like a short board... just for bigger heavier guys. I cant even pretend to be able to surf my 6'6" anymore. I have a 7'3" also and it feels too short sort of...
    My 8ft is just as manuverable as any board I've surfed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrBill View Post
    It's all about the volume.
    Volume comes in all shapes and sizes. It's not the only variable. I'm closer to 50 than 40, I'm not extremely fit, but I own only my own shapes, and I can tell you first hand that you can stay in the game longer, riding shorter, more high performance boards, if you make some design adjustments. My boards help me surf.

    Most industry shapers make great boards... most likely some the best in the world. But they don't know you. Have a conversation with a local shaper and maybe you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
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    your wrong if you think volume is the sole factor in paddling with a given shape.. there's way more to it then that.. and some are confusing the question of adding some width/height to your board to compensate the extra weight in the winter with getting an entirely different shape let alone a fish/longboard. doesnt make sense.

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    I'm 6'3, 195-200lbs and I rock a 6'4" Matt kechele stub fish and a 6'8" squish all year, using each board depending on the conditions. The fish is my go to board though, and i have no problem at all floating it even with the suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmurr73 View Post
    I saw a nice 6'10 but was told that'd be too big.
    Sounds like a personal preferance to me- you gotta ride what YOU like! If you like it- get it! You may end up really liking the 6'10 and you will be able to turn it and duck dive- specially if you have been riding a longboard. A more important question is- what kind of shape is the 6'10...

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    I would have to take another look at dimensions on the board. Will try to asap. it was basic short board shape. he had two 6'10s one swallow tai that seem to have narrower (slightly) nose, and one fuller nose and squash tail (maybe square can't remember). I was leaning toward the latter but maybe the swallow tail is gonna be faster? Besides being a winter board, it might be my board on bigger days.. i still feel like there are so many other choices and dont want to get stuck into only 2 options. the Price was attractive $395 for a Shell, shop going out of business.

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    anyone ever by a greenlight board?

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    I buy material from there all the time there real good guys over there. I would definatly buy a board from them if i wasnt making them myself.

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    Never bought one, but I know a lot about their boards, and have ridden a number of them. You can too... just stop by and take a few for a test drive. Basically you can custom anything from blank, stringer, cloth, etc.... right on up to the shape you're looking for. Traditional designs and materials or funky and exotic. Your choice.
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    i'm pushing 40 and don't like the sinking feeling of paddling a traditional shortboard as much as i used to. even when i'm in good shape it's difficult to arch your back and motorboat like you need to for long sessions.

    so for the last 2 years i've been loving an oversized groveler. boards like the rocket, biscuit, nugget, etc. that people tell you to ride 6-8 inches shorter than normal, i ride at a normal length and have no problem making it go. loads more volume throughout, flatter rocker, wider templates but still not so huge it feels like a fun shape seems to be the right formula for me.

    people much younger and fitter will tell you to buy one of these boards under 6 feet but push it up to 6'4 or 6'6 and enjoy the ride.