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    During Ophelia I saw it breaking over what was the Sandbar in Chinco inlet. fishermen said you could walk out a 1/4 mile and catch the waves. Its was also wrapping around the end of the hook and into the cove. So amazing. Of course the point was amazing during that swell. chinco rules!!!

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    I remember it was board breaking waves on CI when I was there in October. I went out with friends. But before we went we were at Ashoals when Perry ran in to get a new leash before he went back out. Turns out he had his board ripped off leash by a wave, got sucked down " like a leaf" he said, blacked out from the water he took in, got resuscitated by a suffers mom who happens to have been watching her kid surf, and she's a nurse, then he's back in with a new leash and eating antibiotics for weeks after. Days later he told me he had to get right back charging or the experience would have overcome him. And I was charging out like a tard with them watching green faces that looked like twelves slamming my friends down their plane to the sandy bottom! I can't even stand up and I was in the ****e! Tis crazy. But happy I tried!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulrebel View Post
    Yea> onancock is on the bayside.If you went opposite if onancock on the other side of the shore you would have been on ceder island. You either went out of follys creek or wachapreague. The barrire islands have tons of setups when we have swell {all beachbreak of course}. And im not blowing any spots up because you have to access them by boats and even if people came theres so many places that break around the inlets that it wouldnt be crowded and a lot of people wouldnt have the knowledge to access some of the breaks further from the inlet. It requires time and research but the benefits are great. Ive surfed these islands for 10 years with a handfull of friends. I actually seen raven lundy and his crew a couple of times on skis around a couple of the inlets but there are also some good breaks further down the beach but they work only on the right tide and swell just like any other east coast beach break. Over the last couple hurricane seasons ive been seeing some deleware tags at the dock and a few guys exploring but other than that its just a few of us. Love it
    Yep, i went out follys creek.

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    I get so happy when gruvi chimes in...