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    shops or online shopping?

    just wondering where everybody do there shopping..seems like stuff is atleast %15 cheaper online than at a store,but would you rather spend extra at a shop and support your locals?

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    If you went to the shops on black friday, you didn't get trampled and you scored great deals, better than online in some cases, and if your patient you can find gear at the shops for =/cheaper than online year round . For me I like to support local, but if I found a great deal online I wouldn't hesitate.

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    if i shop online i shop here, its like whiskey milita but more products and companies, everyonce in a while thell putt up some sweet wetsuits and stuff, like now there an oniel 6/5/4 for like $120, def worth checking out

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    jerseyboarder, if you're going to pimp other people out at least add a statement disclosing that you'll be getting 10 bucks for each person that signs up through your link, man