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Thread: Tail Cancer

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    Tail Cancer

    To make a long story short, I got a board shaped in August and it got tail cancer by a week or so into September. It was due to a misplacement of the carbon fiber patches on the tail, and the cracks formed kind of on the top/upper portion of the rails. I fixed the initial cracks once, but I think they're starting to pop up again. Do any of the young salts of this site have any advice for what to do? Am I pretty much just delaying the inevitable?

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    there are two ways to do this, i suppose. (or how i'd do it)

    1) rough up were the carbon patches, are cut some 4oz glass to size, and glass it up. It would be the most esthetically pleasing job but it'll get the some done, and wont add any noticeable weight if you do it right

    2)sand down the area to the cloth, cut a piece of 4oz cloth to size, laminate, then gloss coat, sand/polish (This will look better) functionality will be the same

    3) take it to a professional

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    A pic would be good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    A pic would be good...
    x2.....Tail cancer can be tough to get rid of if it isn't repaired properly. What I have found that works great is to drill two little holes, one at each end of the crack. This should stop the crack from spreading any bigger. Then you can do a normal patch repair on top of it. If your aren't comfortable doing the repair bring it to a professional.