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    Sufing video game suggestions?

    I thought maybe this had been covered in another recent thread but did a search and didn't see it, so here goes.

    I am thinking of buying my first ever game console as a gift to myself for christmas. I mean first EVER. I never even had Atari 2600 or Colecovision as a kid. (although another part of my brain thinks it makes more sense to spend the dough on a plane ticket or new board to catch some real waves, which is how this decision making process has ended in the past)

    Anyway, part of my criteria is going to be what system has the best surfing game. Suggestions? I'm mainly looking for games that most closely replicate the surfing experience, especially accurate depictions of different breaks from around the world.

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    For the current generation consoles (xbox 360, ps3, wii), there are 0 surfing games out there. There were a few games made for the previous generation (xbox, ps2): Kelly Slater Pro surfer, Transworld Surf, Sunny Garcia (ps2 only) and H30 (ps2 only).

    You can play old xbox games on an xbox 360, but you can't play ps2 games on a ps3 (unless you find one of the older versions of it on ebay and those can be expensive).

    So, I've played Kelly Slater and Transworld on an xbox and prefer Kelly Slater. Don't get your hopes up though... it's an old game and looks nothing like any of the games you might see advertised on TV. On the other hand, it will probably only cost you about $1 or $2 used at gamestop. There is a game for iphone called Rip Curl Live the Search and the gameplay and graphics are nearly identical.

    So, if you only want a console to play surfing games, save some money and get an old ps2 so you can play all of those games.

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    yea ps2 is where its at, although I loved transworld and hated KSPS, can't wait till they make one for surfing thats as good as SKATE

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    i've said it once and i'll say it again. they need a first person surfer. imagine the tube vision yeww

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    Quote Originally Posted by RightCoastRipper View Post
    i've said it once and i'll say it again. they need a first person surfer. imagine the tube vision yeww
    Hell yea. But, seriously, go get a new board or take a trip. Playing video games will just make you wanna go surf more and thus defeating the purpose of playing it in the first place. Go to Costa or PR!!

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    sunny garcia for PS2. Hands down best surf game ever in my opinion...

    although sunny garcia for PS1 was pretty sick too. And btw you can get tube vision in sunny's for PS2 and Kelly Slates too I believe.

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    I second the take a trip or buy a board notion. In 10 years will you remember that one time you spent playing video games on your couch or the trip you took when you caught some of the best waves of your life? I recently sold my Wii for similar reasons. Time spent playing video games is not time well-spent, in my opinion.

    Then again, PS2s are pretty cheap, so buying one wouldn't really inhibit you from taking a trip...

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    bobble surfer on the ipone is pretty addicting if limited.

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    Waste of money. Why would you want to play video games when you could be doing anything else. Buy a book. If you want something surf related buy "The Wave". Its not solely about surfing its more about rouge waves. But its amazing.

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    If you haven't started yet, don't bother. Especially if all you want is a something that "closely replicate the surfing experience" will surely be disappointed.