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    Not sure if you meant to say Friday the 16th or Thursday the 15th. But the east coast of FL is looking good from fri-sun right now.

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    Yo SRF my bro and I just took a trip from Wilmington NC to the Keys. It was awesome! I think we did it in September. We got a little storm surf and had a F'n blast. I used to live in FL so i know my way around quite well. You aren't really gonna get much of a party now since it's cold up here but when you hit south FL... it's on! Get all the surf in that you can from the O'banks till you hit reef road... then hit miami. Hit all the spots in NC then hit washout and then you'll be in FL. Jax beach, the inlet, longboard house, stop light, make sure you hit all the good hotels too and so you can work the bars for some hook ups, you may not even have to get a room if you can hook it up! What are you waiting for get on it!!!! (All spots mentioned in this are well known and no secret, surfline saw to that).