we need a true fiscal conservative to reverse the never ending spending spree. This "true fiscal conservative" will go down as the worst president in history since the media will absolutely try to destroy the "true fiscal conservative". These are hard cuts to make...hard choices to make...very unpopular with 50 percent of the country.

What's the alternative? Continue to tax business and earners to prop up ever expanding social services and civil servants AND the businesses and earners will continue to leave the country for greener pastures. this quasi-socialism doesn't work because business are still free to leave and will and are!! It's either "real socialism", govt control of industry (in order to keep them here) or "real capitalism" meaning govt creates a climate to keep business here to employ the masses.

The industry i work in as an environmental consultant, i work at large chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing plants in the NY metro area. What do we do you ask? We put together closure inspection/survey packages as these plants close up shop and move out. (it keeps me busy for 6 months to a year per job, but those 10, 20, 100 full time jobs are gone!) Why do they move? Alot of factors...one major one is simple. Cost of doing business, primarily payroll and pensions. The unions have the most ridiculous strangle hold on industry. Some of the union rules would make you laugh (and cry)..they are so ridiculous...and don't foster a climate for business to grow.

Think about it....either socialize us (and we become slaves to govt...but secure) or let us have the freedom to succeed and fail. Live and die....life is tough. Life is fragile.

Consider Ben Franklin's quote: "They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety"