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    I rode that board knee-stomach high surf for years and would argue otherwise. I'm about 90% set on getting another exactly like it, if I don't do a mini simmons this time. I'm worried that I'm too fat to ride a beater at 190lbs.
    Yeah..ive ridden my retro fish on small weak days too. Its not a bad choice, and works in those conditions better than many other boards would.

    I think there are a lot of weak/small wave shapes out there that would be a little more fun in those conditions than a retro fish with keels

    Mini Simmons

    A rounder fish shape like a ...Lost Uber, Bing Dharma, WRV Stingray...everyone seems to be making one

    Even a small egg like a compact disk kind of shape.

    Something wide in the tail and round so the turning radius is tight do it for me on small days, more so than a retro fish.
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