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Thread: Nj Reefbreaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    One of the main reasons I am a strong advocate for manmade hard structure reefs along the New Jersey coastline, aside from beach protection. Imagine that... on days where there's a swell, the surfing potential. When it's flat, the spear fishing potential... just swim out with your sling, a flag, and a bag, and take home a fish or two dinner. That's something that "sand bag" structures won't give you.
    Ditto. It wouldn't be all that hard or too astronomically expensive since almost all of the East Coast states have large amounts of cheap granite (it's not the type that gets turned into counter tops) and limestone that can be cut into flat slabs that would make a great surfing reef with plenty of fishing and other recreational benefits. Problem is getting a municipality to pony up the dough to get it done.

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    I did some research, apparently cold-water reefs grow deeper (50meters to 500meters) while warm reef grows from 0-100meters. This whole thread was interesting and I really thought that there was no such thing as cold water coral. Thanks 'yall...
    But I've still never seen it in Jersey

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    i'm finding this thread fascinating. it started out w/ low potential (are there reefs in nj? where? i want to crowd your line ups even more...) & has turned into an interesting discussion of geology & geography...
    Agreed - this thread has turned out to be a really interesting talk about our region. Props to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    actually NJ does have reefer breaks...which means you stop whatever you were doing, take a few minutes to puff the magic dragon. not quite the same thing, but i'm told it does help with the flat spells.
    I've been surfing for years, and have never heard that joke. Thumbs up.

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    If rocks on the bottom where the water sucks up from the ledge and the wave jacks up and peels down the line constitutes a reef, I surfed alone over one this morning somewhere in central NJ!