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    Pacific Beach in March.

    Wanna take a trip with some friends during our spring break. Anyone know how the waves are around that time?

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    Not the best time of year there -- April is worse. You might be lucky to catch some late season north swells slipping in but the weather isn't the best, more onshore winds brewing.

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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    yeah, onshore in the mid day. dead to weak wind early to mid morning unless you have south wind from near shore storms.. always left over north swells in march . not always sonsitently big, but you will have a fwe rouge ground swells throughout the month mixed in with fun punchy windswell. Like he said, sometimes mis-shapen based on wind, but get up early, shake your hangover and surf when you should and you will have fun. Water is still chilly. 3 mil with no boots is fine. I wouldnt say PB is the best spot to pick up surf in march, but it will be breaking. PB is the place to be while you are not surfing, but march will always have waves. Sometimes epic, sometimes windy and such.... but PB will be decent always. im not sure what the winter out here has to offer, but I will keep you posted. I like PB in march on big NW swells cause it maxes out pretty mellow and smaller, but offers wuality beach break... if its small, make your way up blacks or down to ob. minimal surf has maximum fun in those areas. PB, not so much.

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    I teach in NC and have spring breaks around the end of March and early April. I have a lot of friends who live in North San Diego County and have NEVER been skunked out there during that time. Like Zach said, earlier the better. Then you can start drinking early. Win-Win!

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    I live in PB. Waves are alright. There are a lot of options very close. Get a rental car and check out for a map of the spots.