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    I purchased these item for my work out works really well for upper body and legs on the balance board. Perfect for the flat days in between surf shop

    Surf Shop

    They work for me above links are where you can buy.
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    I want to play scrabble with you in New York. Can I drive your bmw, lol? Wait a minute. I hate scrabble and New York. Everytime I'm in New York, the smell of urine, cr ap, and bums is way too strong for my taste. The accents make the hair on your arms stand up and New Yorkers are the cast in the Jersey Shore show . If there is a hell, it would be New York or just contain people from New York. Can you spell sewer, just kidding. I just wanted to join the fun. What did I spell incorrectly?
    Yeah but the food is sooo good. Go to the city with someone who knows what they are doing, good times!

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    Get a personal trainer, like me. Will get you in shape fast and it will be easier a better to work out with someone. It's worth the money. Plus they help with nutrition.