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If there is any danger to that, which the state and local media has completely downplayed, I would be surprised. They have been monitoring water for traces of nuclear waste etc since the tsunami hit. All the levels read at a dead 0 basically. From universities and the government alike. The path is central to Nor Cal, but the japanese current pulls way south, very deep offshore. If none of the pacific trash and all the other junk in the pacific never make it to shore, I dont see why the debris would. a few thousand miles in a salt water bath and I would assume anything that didnt breakdown into nothing wasnt radioactive anyway....

maybe thats just wishfull thinking on my part, but scripps and noaa have been all over it, discrediting that. I would like to see the show you watched though. I am sure they had solid data from someone.
Thank god the water around here is clean, because the air sure isn't. Fukishima is a worse disaster than Chernobyl. It is rumored that reactor number four has completely collapsed and no one is reporting it. They are still melting down and have no way of stopping it.