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    ...lost sub scorcher

    Do sub scorchers catch a lot of waves? My shop has got a 5'8" sub scorcher and I've had my eye on it for some time. Looking for a good groveler for 1-3 footers. It it gonna be catching those waves? I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs. Also looking into the plank quad. I know that will be catching a lot of waves, but how does it perform? I don't want a board that catches tiny waves but is sluggish and doesn't turn well. Which ...lost board catches 1-3 footers and can remain loose and maneuverable? Will the sub scorcher do it? I heard the motivator is great, but it is NOT an option at my surf shop. They have sub scorchers, a black sheep, grockets, planks, and a plank quad with a slightly pointier nose (not an uber plank though). Which of those catches the most tiny waves but still performs like my regular shorty? Thank you.

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    i ride a 5'7 subby right now. hands down the best board i ever had. it performs in the small jersey beach breaks i surf at and when it gets big its even better. great board and i highly recommend this board. it'll perform just as well as your shorty and probably better than it too. great great board

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    Nice. I've seen people rip them in good waves but is it good for like knee-waist range too? Is it a good groveler?

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    yea its a mix between a grovel and a short board. i've rode it in knee high slop and still have tons of fun on it. just make sure you get the right dimensions. talk to your local surf shop. i would deff go with this board. i have two short boards and the subby and ever since I've had that board i haven't touched by other boards. hands down go with the subby