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You obviously haven't been paying attention. Obama has equalled or surpassed Bush in environmental deregulation (which is a complete non sequitur seeing that much "regulation" is actually just ideologically based *feel good* nonsense that is conjured, bred and passed with little introspect into the future unintended consequences of said regulations. See OBX National Parks service's record and the Magnuson Stevens Act {even thought that was signed by Bush but now progressed by leaps and bounds due to Obama's appointment of Jane Lubchenko to NOAA} as prime examples). Not to mention Obama's preference to giving NGO's more power to set rigid ultimatums in legislation with no real culpability or oversight.

"The mess Bush left behind.": A complete hyperbole direct from the Democratic Kool Aid mill. Look, politics and recent American History DID NOT START WITH BUSH, contrary to general Dem belief. You need to go back to at least Carter to even begin to see the big picture of our economic problems of today.

"...the mess he had to clean up and got blamed for." Umm, I do believe Obama will go into history as one of the most divisive and buck-passing president in our recent history. You can't go around making excuses left and right then turn around and take wholesale credit for something like getting Osama Bin Laden.

There is nothing *fresh,* *successful,* or *changey* (or any other feel-good word the pr mill decides to ascribe to Obama) about Obama's approach. Most is just politics as usual, a lot of which is merely Chicago-style buddy-buddy cronyism (ie the second round of bailouts, push for "shovel ready" infrastructure projects and federal intervention into private enterprises like Boeing's decision to expand into South Carolina getting shot down).

I'm not saying any of the Repub. candidates necessarily offer a stark contrast (except maybe Paul) to American politics-as-usual. But if you truly believe that Obama has been and will continue to be a "good" President, I have this new color of lipstick you can try out on that pig of yours.

I was gonna reply to 'respect the ocean'...but then just figured he was a 16yr old kid or just some stoned out 20 something. So what was the point?