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    Supporting locals...

    Feel free to throw in some surf shops, but I'd really like to focus on some other businesses local to where you surf. Who treats you right or surfers that are small business owners, etc
    I travel from Virginia Beach to NJ for work and I like throwing my business (food, shops, etc) to those that do well for society. I spend a lot of time in delaware and ocean city, so my list focuses there.


    Surf Bagel, Lewes DE
    El Dorado, Lewes DE
    BellyBusters OC MD
    The Starboard, Dewey Beach, DE
    Garys Dewey Beach Grill, DB DE
    Port, Dewey Beach, DE
    MyThai Dewey Beach DE (friggin good)
    Satellite, OCMD

    Misc Stuff

    Rum Point Golf Course, Near Assateague, MD
    Buck's- Near Assateague, MD
    Rehoboth Beach Running Company Rehoboth, DE

    Surf Shops

    Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop (Fenwick Island)
    Malibus OCMD
    Chauncy's OCMD
    East of Maui DB DE ($1 Wax)

    Post Up; I'm eager to try some new places in Virginia, Jersey, Etc.

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    West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
    greenlight surf shop in manasquan
    I dont know if your in the long branch area but acapulquenos is the best mexican food place around. on broadway they hardly even speak english but its soooooo good.
    Coba Yoga is a new studio in little silver Ive been goin there too the people are real nice
    thats all i can think of for now

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    Two Rivers Area, NJ
    Island Style Surf Shop- Sea Bright, NJ. The owner, Derf, is a great guy.
    Shaka-in Pier Village, Long Branch. Good after surf eats with surf movies playing 24/7.

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    Sea Bright
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Irish View Post
    Island Style Surf Shop- Sea Bright, NJ. The owner, Derf, is a great guy.
    island style surf shop -

    derf probably has some of the best knowledge youll find in the area. If your traveling any where on earth talk to him hes been there, surfed there and probably know a few people out there. he has customs boards shaped by local surfer tommy eden that simply kick ass for a great price poly and eps. he also has a number on the website for HIS surf report from the morning of local conditions.

    third ave surf shop- TR's shop, good guy and surfer Third ave in spring lake


    with that said there should be a section in here just to list shops by area, i try to travel a bit and if i forget a leash or something its nice to know where your local NO BS OWNER OPERATED surf shop is

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    under the pier
    i like to get drunk on a happy hour
    Monday is 1 dollar beer at chicos
    tuesday is the boxx 5 dollar natty pitchers
    this day is one is Cabo 25 wings an drinks
    thursday is raw bar 1 dollar drink
    friday, saturday just pre game at home till you dont care about spending 8 dollars a drink
    sunday is the boxx again for pizza an a pitcher
    great thing is that its all local

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    Rehoboth Beach Surf Shop, RBDE
    Liquid Board Shop, RBDE
    Outlet Liquors, RBDE Manager surfs (and knows a lot about rum) and they have a big mircobrew selection.
    $2 fish or shrimp tacos Mon & Wed 5-7 at El Dorado, RBDE

    Wave Hog, LBI, NJ
    Surf Unlimited, LBI, NJ
    Speakeasy Pizza, LBI, NJ

    Surf City Surf Shop, Myrtle Beach, SC (the north shop) Even has a shaping room in the back!

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    las olas is a great spot for burritos in hampton/seabrook nh area. love hitting that place up after a sesh.

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    Well, if any of you are headed to Illmington, NC:
    Surf City (the original) Surf Shop WB (Been going there since they opened)
    Sweetwater Surf Shop WB (Tony is one of the best people on the planet)

    True Mexican: El Agave
    Fresh Mex: K-38
    Best Bar: Satellite
    Breakfast: Ezzell's
    Anytime: Surf House CB or their new location near the College in Wilmington.
    Classy: Crow Hill
    Turkish: Black Sea Grill
    Indian: Tandori Bites (Sorry India Mahal, you have a special place in my heart, but TB is just better)

    The best restaurant you will ever eat at: SAN JUAN CAFE

    I have always avoided the WB bars. I'm not into the Frattool and Sorostitute scene.

    Tattoo: Art Fuel (You can actually see some of my wood working displayed here)

    I may be forgetting some folks, so I may add later

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    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Breakfast - My Kitchen Witch, Mon Beach; North Beach Grill, North Long Branch
    Coffee - Booskerdoo, Mon Beach... roasted fresh every morning. Drive by around 6am and smell the goodness.
    Dinner - Langosta Lounge, Asbury Park (not cheap, but very good)

    Entertainment - Count Basie Theater

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    West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
    Langosta is real good, I've had terrible service many times and still keep goin back Pops Gaarge too, the best overpriced lunch.