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    Nags Head
    Nags Head you have to hit up ms. hellens biscuits and porn in the stop quik as you get into town. hit the pit for dollar tacos on tuesdays and pit wraps. Nags head pier for breakfast number one with home fries and a biscuit ( nothing better after a first light session)

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    Seattle, WA
    Primo Surf Shop in Guam, they'll cut you a great deal...and they're the only shop on the island so you're f#@%ed otherwise anyway. As for local food, the bradda's on the beach at Umatac Bay will feed you and get you crunk for free. Best deal in town!

    As for OC, Maryland...
    Food: Bellybusters, Satellite Cafe, Angler (happy hour)
    Surf Shop: Chauncey's, Malibu's

    VA Beach...
    Food: CP Shuckers
    Surf Shop: Austin's
    Loose Women: Hot Tuna