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    have a free hotel in aruba has anyone surfed or know someone who has surfed there, found some info online but pretty ****ty doesnt seem too consistant


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    Theres a couple of spots I surfed while I was there, At the very Northwest point of the island. In view from the light house, there is a crazy right that breaks in deepwater. Very sketch because all the sharks. Also theres a very popular bay down on the SW end of the island that has a perfect left reef break very shallow and fickle. Your best bet would be the beach breaks along the South and East sides of the island. Particulary by the old rock bridge that fell into the water, alot of body boarding down there. I was there durning a hurricane, so all these spots were lighting up. good luck.

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    I've heard its pretty solid... Should be consistent, just as the Caribbean breaks are in Costa and Panama.