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    Maine Surf Blog

    Hey everyone,

    I am a new member to swellinfo, but I have been using and visiting this site for a couple years now.

    I have recently started a surf blog for Northern New England (mostly Maine, but parts of NH as well). I am not here to promote my blog, but I am looking for feedback and suggestions to make it better. Also, my goal for this blog is NOT to promote surf spots (overcrowding) and NOT to give away any secrets, but to highlight me and my friend's adventures on the unique coastline of Northern New England.

    If you could visit my site at and give me some feedback and suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

    Downeast Media

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    I think this is awesome! I have never surfed new england and always love to see pictures of surfing up there, beautiful scenery. good stuff

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    looks good, but here's a suggestion:

    when you put up a forecast, use swellinfo's

    I surfed "longies" and the rivermouth a few years ago, but basically got skunked. Had a nice session to myself at the wall this past spring. Hope to get back up there again.

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    i dig it but use the swellinfo forecast instead like brek said

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    looks nice!

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for taking a looking at it. I really appreciate the feedback.

    On the forecast post, I only used the MSW chart because of its inflated wave heights. Because swellinfo is much more accurate and because I was trying to convey that the swell was unlikely to happen, I needed a chart that was very much inflated. If I were to actually give an accurate forecast chart in the future, I will definitely be using swellinfos charts.

    If there are any more suggestions, comments, or feedback that anyone has, that would be awesome.
    Also, if you really do like the blog and would like to keep up to date on the postings, there is a facebook like button and a link to our facebook page on the right hand sidebar. We update our facebook page every time there is a new post.

    Thanks again,
    Downeast Media

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