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Thread: Longboard Fin

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    Longboard Fin

    I'm trying to take out my longboard fin from the fin box. I took out the screw and was able to lift up the front of it but it seems to be stuck in the back. Any ideas on how to get it out? Thanks in advance.

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    the back probably has a little pin through it goin from rail to rail if your looking down at it and there should be notches in the center of the fin box for that pin to slide up and out of. You have to slide the fin forward probably to get the pin to meet up with that notch. This is just from memory I could be wrong.

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    Yeah i totally see what your saying but i tried sliding it up and it just won't move forward

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    Sounds like you have a lot of salt built up in the box. Have you tried rinsing it out thoroughly? Maybe a little wd-40 could help too

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    loosen fin

    Sometimes sand gets stuck in there.
    Take a SOFT bit of wood, preferably pine and tap gently up and forward just above the
    screw hole, that usually does the trick for me. If you are somewhere where the temp is above freezing right now, spray some fresh water in to loosen it up first.

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    longboard fin

    lightly tap the hook side of the skag with a rubber mallet.