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    Cool Best Surf Fin For Aerials

    I have been doing alot of research online trying to find the most progressive fin for aerials. It seems as though the FCS k2.1 and FCS JW-1 are the best. Has anyone else tried this fins? what do you think? or does anybody else out there have any other suggestions? I surf NY beachbreak. <br /><br />Buoy Guy

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    jw's are the best. in their description it says the fins are set up for easy fin-less maneuvers because of its slightly smaller center fin. i have a pair of these fins and i haven't took them out since i bought them

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    I have both fin sets - the jw-1 are in my neckbeard and are really nice (my favorite fins), I play around with the slater triquad set in that board too, pretty cool. You can't really go wrong with either in my opinion. I don't proficiently do airs by any means haha, but I could see how the jw set could be really good for that. Try a few sets if you can?
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    will do. thanks. how you like that neck beard?