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  1. Surf Buddy Wanted for Cape and RI

    So, I recently began surfing and I go as often as I can, which works out to be about once every two weeks. The only problem is that I go by myself. The last time I was out I took a pretty good whack on the head with my board. Basically, conditions have to be ideal for me to go out because I don't want to paddle out by myself or not have someone to watch my back in heavier surf. I think it would help my surfing progress if I had someone to push me (and drag my lifeless body to shore if I knock myself out...).

    I live on the Upper Cape, but I mostly go to Rhode Island to surf. I'm 28, I work, I'm about to have a kid. All in all, I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm just having trouble meeting other people in the area who surf.

    Message me if you want to meet at the beach.

  2. Hello, is this thing on? Really, no one is in the same boat as me? That sucks.

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    dude pump yourself up, watch surf movies, listen to your favorite songs, do some backflips, whatever gets you pumped

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    If you can't find a crowded spot when the swell is pumping...then it's not pumping.

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    There are a lot of people that surf on the cape, thy dont go on the forums.

    I dont make to the cape a lot, so i cant be your surf buddy


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    I have been going at it alone for years actually better you never have to wait on someone you can surf where and when you want just find a spot with a few others so your not alone on bigger winter days.. you also wont get hassled when intruding on a spot if you are by yourself and give others some respect..

  7. Well, I'm sure as hell not gonna quit surfing, so I guess I'll continue to go it alone. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm sure I'll get more comfortable with time.

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    If you frequent a spot you will recongize the locals and start making friends. Start taking to the people at or just above your own ability and you'll start making friends. before you know it, you will have a crew. Then you will never surf alone again.