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Thread: Seals in NJ?

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    Seals in NJ?

    I was walking along the beach today, looking for various types of crustaceans for my biology lab assignment, and I came across a seal just hanging out on the shoreline in the sun. I was able to get pretty close before it woke up and noticed me, then it just hobbled into the water. It floated about 15 feet in the water from the shoreline and just looked at me for a little while then swam off. I've lived here my entire life and never came across any seals. Has anybody else in the area seen them on the beach or out in the water? Pretty cool experience.

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    First time I saw a seal in the water while surfing was 3 winters ago. poped its head up while I was paddling out. it did the backfloat right where you would want to be to catch waves. stayed there for almost the entire time. I've never seen them in the waters off long island before that.

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    Yeah it was doing that backfloat thing right where the wave was about to hollow out too about 15 feet out (high tide causes the waves to break onshore at the spot i was at) just staring at me hahaha

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    Seen a couple in R.I., I know this time of year it's common to see them in L.I. Sound.

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    yea, they're here. kinda rare to see one actually on the beach, but they do haul out to rest & take in some sun from time to time. best not to approach them as they will defend themselves. if you think they might be sick or injured, contact the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine. they do good work.

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    Saw one last week Wed. at Indian River Inlet north jetty in Delaware in the afternoon. It popped its head out of the water about 10 yds in front of me as I sat in the lineup. I could of sworn it looked right at another guy 15 yds closer to the jetty than me, then dove underwater. About 5 seconds later the other guy yelled "Holy f%$#! Did you guys just see that seal? He scared the living sh!t out of me." I told him that yes I saw the seal and that I thought the seal scared him on purpose.

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    Probably a Harbor Seal. They're actually fairly common certain times of the year. Stockton College has a conservation program running. They might appreciate the report.

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    I'm gonna try to fill out the report over the weekend thanks for that... this one was little though, smaller than a medium sized dog. I had no idea they were dangerous, this one seemed pretty relaxed though, and the way it was just looking at me it just seemed curious. after it swam off it came back for a second peak at me a couple minutes later. pretty awesome

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    haha yeah the way this one was floating and staring at me I could totally see this seal pulling something like that