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    Western Puerto Rico
    I like surfing alone, and pretty much go solo 99.9% of the time. Too bad it's usually packed with other people this time of year.
    Funny how the sun, wind and weather do affect your outlook on it, isn't it?

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    down here in va beach, you're lucky if you surf alone. But I do get that funny feeling occasionally when I am by myself and the surf is half decent (and there's no one out...what?) it mostly freaks me out down here because there are a large amount of fish in the water.

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    I love surfing alone because you never have to worry about doing better than the other guy, but yeah, I get that feeling sometimes, especially when the clouds cover the sun or something like that. I think it's just normal.

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    id actually prefer to surf alone sometimes today had a great one sesh with head high waves all to myself it. Just you and the ocean cant really get any better then that.

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    Eastern Shore
    Most of the time in the winter i have atleast 12 miles of beach to myself. I surf assateague va so usually im the only person in the water from 12 miles north to assateague md. To virginia beach in the south. (unless someone is on one of the islands below me by boat) I love it. You get use to it and like it. I kinda go into a meditative state.

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    I agree... I do love surfing all alone... from time to time. In Jersey we go from cursing the summer crowds (where do they come from?!?!) to wishing there was at least one guy out to watch your back. I like the comment where your mind is messed from missing a good sesh because you had no one to paddle out with... been there for sure.

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    I surf better alone

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    I defintely enjoy surfing alone because i feel like im free to try different things without worry. And it sure as hell beats trying to dodge the summer crowds. Just sometimes it wiggs me out. Most of the time it doesnt and ill be out for hours worry free. I just decided to trust my gut today, something just told me to go in.

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    surfing alone in the summer time gives me really weird sharky vibes. especially in the late evening. im not a huge fan with surfing with a bunch of people but i do prefer at least having some on else in sight. I most defiantly agree with the previous statement about the sketched out vibe actually being an instinct. better safe then sorry

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    Man I agree with you completely! I will surf alone if need be but I definitely prefer there being at least 2/3 people out in the water. Especially during the winter where it is kind of intimidating being alone with decent swell. That being said I'm on a month vacation currently in southern california and I would love to find a place where there is only 2 or 3 or even 10 people out (sunset cliffs).