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    2 guys, better than 1, better than 3
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    just got back from a normally crowded break after being out for two hours totally alone and came to the conclusion that i friggin love winter!!! But after a while i started to get a little bugged out...The hard offshores were blowing me out to sea and had to continuesly paddle shoreward....Just wondering if anybody else gets a weird feeling being out in decent surf alone. small days are usually no problem but today, after i was out awhile i had that sinking feeling and i got out... I guess its supposed to happen but i was having soooo much fun, but my mind got the best of me.

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    I love surfing alone. I typically have to surf alone because most days I can only go early or closer to dusk, and as many of you have said, in the winter I can't always convince others to go. But it does get sketchy, especially if it's cloudy...and I have that Jaws theme song going through my head.

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    I surf alone. gets creepy paddling out in the dark for an early AM session. Not sure how much safer surfing with others is anyway. often lose sight of my buddies when we do go together and when someone disappears I don't paddle in looking for them. I usually assume they left or went to change gear, etc.

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    when its big...and cold,,and you feel a little creeped out - i love that feeling!

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    Anyone doing LBI tomorrow...

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    If anybody's ever worried about surfing alone, i have a way. Try leaving a Jelly Donut on the road and hope for the best. Works every time...

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    i like surfing alone on occasion but sometimes when its really good bu theres noone on it i question if i was missing the memo on the laserbeam shooting sharks or something!

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    Its all about the weather. Sunny/mostly sunny days where you can get hyped and just scream to yourself are epic, cloudy/windy/cold days you always have a sketched feeling in the back of your head (at least for me)

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    Jeff Clark...

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    I try not to surf alone but sometimes it cannot be helped. My buddy and I usually go out together (which makes my wife much happier) but if he can't go (kids/wife/job) I hit it myself. I do get spooked at times if the swell has any type of size. If the waves are not that big, 3'-5', I love being out by myself!