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    Surfing alone in another country...third world...try that! Gives a whole new meaning to scetched out! On the other hand, those are some of the most magical and beautiful moments in my life! It's a normal feeling though.

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    Surf alone always too! I love being able to ride exactly when, where and for how long!!!

    I must say, I don't mind being near other surfers or guards when the size picks up though. I always hope that a fellow waterman would come to my aid if something were to happen.

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    I agree with this last paragraph. three or four guys paddle out where your sitting alone is rude especially when there are other waves to be caught. I guess it cause they see you having a great time catching waves to yourself and they want the stoke or they truly are jerks.
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    sharks? for real? when's the last shark attack on a surfer that happened on the east coast? being concerned about getting hit in the head or cut by your skeg is a legit concern when surfing alone but the shark thing is all in your head unless you're in north cal or south africa or something.. long island and new jersey, not so much.

    i love surfing alone and do it all the time. just don't be too aggro with big shallow closeouts or late drops and you'll be fine. plus, if you do paddle out alone on people already surfing you won't piss them off as bad because it's just you. if you and your three friends paddle out together you aren't being safe, you're being a jerks to the people you're crowding.

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    ya its the best. i was camping helping a guy build his place in a super secluded spot in Nica this past summer and he would have to go into town for a day to get more supplies each week. i was the only gringo for miles. no locals surf there yet so i had it to myself quite often. or until a boat would show up from one of the tour companies. i did get sketched once or twice when the big SSW swells would hit and i was out solo. i'd actually hope a boat would show to surf with a few other guys. theres always enough to go around when its pumping in Central America!

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    Surfing alone in another country...third world...try that! Gives a whole new meaning to scetched out! On the other hand, those are some of the most magical and beautiful moments in my life! It's a normal feeling though.

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    Actually now even in the summer i always paddle out alone. None of my friends surf anymore or got pulled away by drugs, well two close friends still surf but not frothing at all. Living in a small town I always know someone out there no matter what. I miss the days when I was like 15 years old and paddling out with my 6 of my boys and it would be so competitive and I'd learn so much. Now I'm competitive with myself, people better than me in the water, and I watch way too many surf videos
    That's a bummer about your friends, Gnar--something I can empathize with when I was your age..... not that I'm "old" or anything....
    I hardly ever go alone, but I think it's a result of being a 30-ish working professional (NOT professional surfer, professional as in business professional). Some of my best friends are in the same boat and a lot of the time it's the only way we can hang out. Lucky for us we can generally go whenever we want. No better way to hang out than sharing stoke imho.

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    Surfing alone is good for the soul, and someone is usually bound to show up and join in on the stoke. Surfing with others is good for friendships and brotherhood. Basically, it's all good... Aloha.

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    You definitely become more aware of your surroundings when you're out alone so it can be a little creepy sometimes. Especially if the sun is in and out alot. Shadows in the water can play tricks on you. Always a 50/50 chance that shadow wasnt made by the clouds. I always let someone know where im going in at if i'm alone.

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    I actually prefer to surf alone because there is no one to get in your way and you can take any wave you want. I'm finding that the older I get the more I do not want to share with others, even my friends. I do listen to that spideysense though. When it tells me to get out...I'm gone.

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    I much prefer surfing alone, but my one fear is getting knocked out in some freak incident, either by a board shot to the head or a header on a sandbar. This never stopped me from surfing alone for years and years - until I had kids. Now I'll rarely if ever do it. Having waves to myself was worth the risk when it was just my life to worry about. The fear of leaving my 3 and 5 year old daughters without a dad is too heavy.

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    I hate surfing alone only because of sharks