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Thread: Playa Hermosa

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    Playa Hermosa

    Thinking of making my first trip to Costa and Hermosa looks perfect. I want a sand bottom because the reef makes me nervous as an intermediate surfer. I'm thinking of staying here: . Any tips or comments? How are the locals at Hermosa/ the crowds? Where can I get food? Is it excess-able from the airport? Best time to go? Surf size? I'm basically asking for any and all information you have about Playa Hermosa. Thanks!

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    I was there in april 2010. Got it big, it tends to close out 7ft+, they recently built a new highway which makes the drive a lot easier to hermosa from san jose, food is killer, beer is roughly $1.25 at a store and $2 at a restaurant, ticos are nice i made friends with some Cali dudes that have been living there for 25 years, theres tons of breaks in hermosa so don't surf terezza (break furthest north where all the restaurants are) + its better down the beach, surf in the morning because the onshores blow like a B**** by 10am, it gets light by like 4:45 (!) so your good on time, all beaches ON HERMOSA are easy to get to - you just park and get out, there are good spots around that are harder to get to but I just surfed Hermosa everyday

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    check out surfinnhermosa. i stayed there last christmas and it was reasonably priced and there was good surf every day. steps from the beach right on playa hermosa

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    Great place to go heavy beachbreak spread out crowds can find a peak to yourself if big goto Boca Barranca intermediate surfer? youll love it there for sure!

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    like i said in your last thread, that place is solid. its pretty much right on the beach.... just walk not even 50 yards and you are at the water. there are a ton of other little places right on the strip where you can stay and a bunch of places to eat including the backyard bar which is pretty fun some nights. you can pretty much walk to anything in hermosa. you can set up your ride to and from the airport to cabina brisas del mar right through the guys who own it. they have a guy who runs a shuttle back and forth all the time (at least they did when i went back in 04). never had any kind of problem with any locals or anything. a lot of guys do this same trip so you get a lot of tourists surfing there. i went in mid june and it was solid the whole time-smallest was like stomach high the first day, then it stayed chest to head and bigger for the rest of the trip. a couple days got too big for hermosa so we rented a van to explore some other spots that could handle the bigger swell. one of the best parts about cabina brisas is Jungle Pong. basically ping pong with some homemade rules. great for hanging out between surfs or at night. definitely a great trip and you will score some good waves.