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    Ecuador as a surf destination?

    I am considering studying abroad at the University of Cuenca in Ecuador. I was wondering if anyone has any information about how the surf is? How big does it get, how consistent? Hazards? Public transportation? All information is greatly appreciated.

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    Find Mompiche if you like left point breaks. El Bajo for rights. Those breaks are up North. Can get sketchy up there. Lots of Colombian refugees. Mostly good people though. It is definitely an adventure.

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    I have heard Ecuador can get epic. Figure out how far u have to travel to get to the beach because if you don't have a car it could be a hassle. Also check out the study abroad program in florianopolis brazil with ISA. You will be walking distance to surf and awesome nightlife.
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    i just returned from surfing ecuador for 4 months. the surf is extremely consistant. especially this time of the year ,you will start getting some tubes. if you do go, check out Ayampe, San Jose, Montanita, Olon.

    Ayampe was my favorite, no one really surfs these spots. The water is really clear on the good days, and the sun is almost unbearable at some times. The water is cold during the summer there, mainly june-december so bring a shorty or a full if you get cold easily.
    It is a good travel from cuenca to get to any decent locations ( a days travel ) the bus system is pretty good there for public transportation, just make sure you bring a bag for your board because the buses fly around the corners there.

    Cuenca is awesome though, i spent my birthday there. the elevation is really high up in the mountains so it was pretty cold. but the city is beautiful.

    let me know if you need help with anything.