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    Violent car crash in Ocean City, MD leaves toddler in induced coma

    I am very lucky to have great friends. My friend George moved from Baltimore to OCMD a few years ago with his wife and kids. Just a little over a week before Christmas the Delricco family was dealt a major blow to their young family. George\\'s wife and infant daughter (Ava) were stopped at a light on Coastal Highway and a guy high on (or at least in possession of) PCP rear ended them at 60 mph. The Delricco’s car was destroyed and sent down the highway 100 feet. It was 12:15 PM and a Friday. Please open the link at the bottom of the post. Horrible outcome and the baby is fighting to live. Her brain stem is injured and her legs are broken. Just awful. Mom is ok, broken bones and concussion. The driver of the other car is already out on bail. He is still out there.<br />If his name is familiar to some it is because George DelRicco, is one of the best line backers to play at Virginia Tech. <br /><br />I just want people to be aware of this. I love surfing and love OC. I have driven up and down Coastal Highway countless times. If anyone wants to donate to the Delricco\\'s just reply to the thread and I\\'ll send you the link and promise the money will get to them. George had to leave his job to be by Ava\\'s side 24/7 at Johns Hopkins while his wife recovers.<br /><br />

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    This is horrible. Hoping the young girl is able to make a full recovery. The donation address is at the bottom of the article, as well.

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    The driver is already out on bail?!?!
    Just another example of why our penal system needs to do away with the criminal justice crap and focus on VICTIM JUSTICE.

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