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    I know it's been brought up a million times and everyone seem to know but for those who don't listen up if you will. I'm not sure why everyone has to be Kelly skater and try and get every wave, and hog the peak. Especially when they have no clue about positioning and rules experienced surfers go by. It really annoys me when you have the right to go and guys don't even have a clue to look and see if someone goes. They just drop in and paddle back like nothin happened. Once fine. Twice you should have some clue to look. But three or more times you should not even be surfing. It's dangerous and you make yourself look like a kook even more han your surfing already does for you. Everyone's a kook at first. I know I was but I wasn't just dropping in on every wave. Its sad that a 20 year old knows and is frustrated by guys 10 or 20 years older should know. People just have no respect I guess. anyway, stoked on the the waves today, well besides the wind.

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