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    Cool Best foam boards for surf schools

    OK OK - Lets open this up for discussion.

    In your opinion the best most durable, practicle, well made board for surf schools are...........

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    Well, lets see. Circa '92 I learned on a bright orange Action 6'6 pintail, about 2 1/2' thick with a big gash underneath the tail.

    But I know thats not practical to those people looking to learn how to surf in one day. After they learn on the foamboard they can catch a plane home so they can buy a regular board. Then they can ditch that board in the lineup on a chest high wave when they figure out its harder to maneuver than a foamboard and it actually hurts when you forget to hold onto it when you duckdive. Then some guy who just wanted to catch a few waves solo or with a couple of friends ends up on the receiving end of brand new ditched board with a gash in his forehead and an apology.
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