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    Todos Santos, San Juan Del Sur, or Rincon PR??


    Need some advice. I'm a novice long boarder planning a mid April trip. I've surfed Barbados and Rinco, PR already. We're a couple in our 30's. Only 1 novice surfer. Whats' the better oprion for both of us? I'm looking for some nice novice waves, she's looking for some nice quite beaches.


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    i have been to san juan del sur and its a pretty fun little town lots of bars and places to eat but the surf break was 20 minute car ride. if you are cool with the ride its definetly worth checking out for a couple days

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    Rincon is better IMO. You'll definitely need a car though. The cool thing about that location is how many breaks there are... If one place is going off you could probably find somewhere a couple miles away that will be more tame. Google earth shows a lot of the breaks if you enable the right layer.