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Thread: Drive Time

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    Virginia Beach / OBX
    Look at that I cactually took the time to give myself an Avatar.

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    Oct 2009
    Seattle, WA
    I've done it all, from 5+ hours to across the street. In Norcal I could use my binoculars to check the local point break from our front porch. In upstate NY I had an overnight drive through 3 states. Let me tell ya, that required some serious commitment! Once I got there, the water was always freezing cold, which made things even more interesting. At the moment I live in Annapolis, 2+ hours from the ocean. I have a sick job and don't regret it at all, but I think one's early/mid 20's are definitely best spent within earshot of breaking waves. I'm hoping to score a job in the Pac NW sometime in the next year or so and return to a more ideal setup.

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    About 5 minutes but I can hear the surf when it's up and can see the beach from my yard across the bay.

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    Used to be 150 feet. Now 5 miles due west.

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    3 hours. Been making the drive at least once a month for 8 years. Wish I could live closer but the wife's career is based in DC and she can't take her skills elsewhere. I often go more than once a month. Off season is much easier in terms of traffic etc.

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    1hr 20 min hrs to Central Jerz places.

    3 hrs to my local Del places and beach house.

    1 mile from the beach at MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY which is soooo good.

    Been doing alot of daytrip hitups missions to NJ on winter break and during the end of high school. If you pick the good days and go all out for 10 hrs straight thats pretty satisfying and worth the drive. Delaware isnt what it was even 3 yrs ago. Nj is pretty much better on most situations. OCmd is fun too on a north swell so I got that in reach too from beach house. Del used to have so many spots but it blows now and everyone bunched at a few places. Still a few spots that noone looks at that I get empty in NJ and DE.

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    hey vtsurfer, my girlfriend is from vergennes/addison. You grow up there? Props for making that drive. Thats insane!

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    60 minutes from driveway to paddle out. Give or take, the 6/5/4 takes a little longer to get into these days.

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    about 15 minutes... For many years it was it was 1.5 hours, and the stoke was the same to go for session, but you definitely miss out on a lot of fun days.

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    20 minutes from VB, or an hour and a half from nags head which is the better choice 90% of the time