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    New England Surf Video

    Hey everyone,

    I posted a thread before about the blog I created and now I have made a short little video I threw together from a morning session at one of the most demanding publicly known breaks in Southern Maine.

    I am just looking for some feedback on the video. I had one of my buddies film for like an hour or two and he probably should have zoomed in more, but lesson learned.

    If you could watch the video and suggest some ideas, that would be appreciated.
    You can watch the video on my blog at

    Downeast Media

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    looks good. Yeah.... some closer in shots would be nice, but I actually appreciate the wider perspective which people dont really do enough (imo).

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    I agree I like the pulled back images it gives a broad perspective of the general atmosphere of the session rather than just watching one person riding the wave. Nothing wrong with that.

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    good work! I love seeing New England stuff on here. If you haven't already, check out They are doing the same sort of thing you are but mainly in NH. They have some really good vids, might be able to learn a thing or two.

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    Stoked! Thanks for sharing!